Saturday, March 2, 2013


Welcome to the blog for the production of Go Man, Go. This is a fictional, feature length movie about riding bikes in Seattle. The movie will cover topics like alley cat racing, group rides, and even a bit of mountain biking. I want to express the fun and humor of being a cyclist in the city. For those of you who do ride, a lot of the movie should be familiar.

The script is completed, but now I need to put a cast and crew together. My time line looks something like this:
  • March: Put together a crew.
  • April: Put together a cast. 
  • May-September: Film the movie.

Most of the filming will take place at night, or on weekends. Hopefully this will integrate well with the schedules for other people who are interested in being a part of the project.

This film does have a budget. The people in the cast and crew will be paid, though the number of hours will probably be low. Don't quit your day job kids. I am also hoping to sponsor a few events during the summer, like some group rides, and a Greenlake race. So if you want to be an extra, come on out, there will probably be some free beer in it for you.

If you have questions, or would like to be part of the project, feel free to contact me at:

Finally, I did want to make a note that I don't have anything to do with the cool cats at GoMeansGo. The similar names are just a coincidence.



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